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About Us

United Action Women and Girls (UAWG): Empowering Women, Building Bridges

United Action Women and Girls (UAWG) is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by activist Fatuma Musa Afrah. Inspired by her own experience, UAWG empowers immigrant women and girls in the rural areas in Land Brandenburg.





Women reached


Nationalities Represented

Multiple counties in Brandenburg, Germany

Rathenow, Bad Belzig, Premnitz, Eisenhüttenstadt, Neuruppin, Doberlug-Kirchhain


Fatuma Musa Afrah


OUR MISION impacts

Empowerment create positive changes

We believe in the power of empowered women to create positive change. We achieve this by:

  • A supportive network to help women thrive in their new lives.
  • Foster intercultural understanding and break down barriers
  • Building a more inclusive community

Since 2016, UAWG has reached over 500 women from more than 12 nationalities.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy you want to know more about us. Always you mention us on a website, please include the hyperlink to our website in our logo or in our name.

The organization likely carries out various programs and initiatives aimed at empowering and supporting women and girls in the Berlin-Brandenburg.

The kind of projects we develop promote:

  • Learning German.
  • Understand the culture.
  • Basic knowledge in human rights.
  • Freedom to speak.
  • Information about employment and education opportunities.
  • Solidarity between women.

Yes, it is possible, the donor only needs to let us know if wants a donation receipt.

Our projects are likely completed by the volunteers and members of the organization, with the active participation of the women.

United Action Women & Girls e.V. is financed primarily through donations from individuals and possibly organizations. As mentioned, the organization relies on the generosity of the public to support its activities and operations. Additionally, since it’s run by volunteers, it likely keeps administrative costs low to maximize the impact of donations on its mission.

No, we also have presence in Kenya were we founded an education and empowerment center “Mama Ambia”, where the majority of people of Somali origin live. This center aims to create a protected space for exchange and support, in which they exchange women on the ground about the challenges and conflicts they experience in society and jointly develop strategies for changing conditions.

Our Lasts News


This was an eight-month project in Premnitz/Rathenow, Brandenburg Funded by the Paritätische Bildungswerk Bundesverband e.V. via the program “Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education”…

Every day is women day!

With your support we can reach more isolated migrant women in the rural area.