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Join United Action Women and Girls e.V. which is dedicated to empowering women and girls seeking protection in Rural areas in Land Brandenburg. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to provide support, promote exchange, and foster tolerance within intercultural contexts. 100+ generous supporter who make possible secure women connection.

Join over 100+ generous supporter who make possible secure women connection.

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You’re Not Alone. We Understand the Challenges.

Many immigrant women face similar obstacles as they navigate a new life in Germany.  UAWG recognizes these challenges and is here to support you every step of the way.

Language Difficulties

Communicating in a new language can be frustrating and isolating. UAWG offers language learning resources and connects you with women who speak your language.

Limited Opportunities

Finding educational opportunities and suitable employment can be challenging. UAWG offers guidance and workshops for navigating German education and careers.

Cultural Differences

Adapting to a new culture can be disorienting. UAWG fosters cultural exchange and understanding, helping you feel comfortable while embracing your heritage.

Fear of Discrimination

Feeling isolated or discriminated against is a common fear. UAWG provides a safe, welcoming community where you can connect with other women and build a support network.

Building a Support Network

Building a new life often means starting from scratch. UAWG becomes your support system, offering guidance, mentorship, and a sense of belonging.

Female-Only Safe Spaces

Some cultures prioritize female-only spaces. UAWG offers programs and activities specifically designed for women to connect and feel comfortable.

We’re here for you

Find Your Community. Find Your Voice.

UAWG offers a safe space, practical support, and a chance to connect with other strong women.

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Since I started donating, I feel connected to a powerful movement for change. – Sarah
Empowering Change

Why Support UAWG?

Donating to UAWG means making a real difference in the lives of immigrant women and girls. Here’s why:

  • Empowering Hundreds

We’ve already impacted the lives of over 500 women from more than 12 diverse countries.

  • Reaching Beyond the City

We extend our support to women in rural areas in Land Brandenburg. Even further than that – all the way to Kenya!

  • You Make a Difference

Contributions to UAWG are tax-deductible, allowing you to support our cause with confidence.

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Make a Difference. Volunteer with UAWG!

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UAWG thrives on the dedication of our volunteers. Here are some ways you can share your skills and make a lasting impact:

  • Organize your own fundraising events or awareness campaigns – your ideas can make a difference!
  • Become our voice online, raising awareness and building our online community.
  • Assist with planning and executing impactful events that connect and empower immigrant women.
  • Lend your expertise to ongoing projects, helping us deliver valuable services to our beneficiaries.
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Partner with UAWG and make a lasting impact with women!

Are you an organization dedicated to developing projects for women and girls related to pregnancy, family, art, entrepreneurship, self-employment, or other areas?

  • We are looking for the opportunity to join forces with you and empower women in the different areas of their lives.
  • We believe in collaborative efforts. Together, we can amplify the reach and impact of our work, creating a stronger network of support for women and girls.
  • Your partnership will fuel continued growth and positive change. Ready to join forces?  
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See the Change We Create.

From day one we are committed to the welfare of women, that’s why we have national and international presence. These are some of our projects:

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FGM/C Medical Community Conference

Providing information about reconstruction for FGM/C Heldinnen. On June 22th 2024 from 9.00 to 17.00 hours. Frau Dr. Tahir and PD Dr. O´dey. Location: Ev. Stern-Kirchengemeinde Im Schäferfeld. 1-3 1448 Potsdam.

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A Note From Fadum

When I came in Germany, I spent the first years isolated and depressed in a refugee shelter. Since then, I have been inspired and involved in self-designed projects to support women and girls seeking protection.

I ‘m happy to share that Today we have numerous projects underway and many more to come. Your help makes a difference, enabling us to reach more women in need of building their support network, becoming part of a community, learning the language, understanding their rights, and integrating into society.

Thank you so much for considering United Action Women & Girls e.V. as your partner in making a difference. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Fatuma Musa Afrah
Board Member of United Action Women & Girls e.V.