MIDNIMO – Mobile nutrition education and intercultural encounters in rural areas Brandenburg

One-year project in southwestern Brandenburg, funded by the Brandenburg Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture as part of LEADER

With a fully electric van converted into a mobile kitchen, we are in southwestern Brandenburg, among other things, in schools, refugee shelters and on marketplaces on the ground, bringing together people of different cultures in the rural area of Brandenburg through the topic of food and impart practical knowledge about sustainable and climate-friendly nutrition.

Planned formats are

  • Workshops: Cooking with recipes from all over the world and regional ingredients, nutrition education (sustainable nutrition, climate-friendly cooking,…
  • Cooking tandems: refugee and local families (getting to know each other, exchanging experiences, shopping planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, eating together)
  • KochKunst: culinary events with artistic actions: music, dance, reading, storytelling, …

With our project, we want to counter various crisis developments. Food and food act as a door opener and as a connecting medium to enable intercultural encounters on site and to reduce fears of contact and xenophobia. At the same time, we raise awareness of sustainable diets, impart knowledge about the preparation and create more appreciation for the production and processing of food. In this way, we contribute to a more climate-friendly diet (regional, seasonal, organic, plant-based).

More coming soon…